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bloq - our own blog

This design studio is powered by conversations.

Among us, we’re always talking about the projects at hand and discussing in great detail all the decisions to be made. With friends, we unload uncertainties and release our enthusiasm. With fellow designers and developers, we share experiences and ask a awful lot of questions. Talking is a very important part of our work process and essential to make sense of everything that happens. And there’s a lot to make sense of when your design studio is in Portugal.

This bloq, that we’re now starting, is our attempt to organize and record all these conversations. We will write about our work and also about the way we work. Sometimes we discover a very elegant solution to a problem, others we find the exact formula to make a mistake. Both should be shared. Beyond what we do in the studio, we want to write about interesting projects and people that inspire us. Fortunately there’s no shortage of material for that.

We hope you like!

boq studio

You can subscribe to the bloq feed and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we can always continue the conversation.

Guilherme Cartaxo / 28.11.2011 / #begginings #introduction